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ETS 2 Легковые автомобили - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Моды - MODSGAMING.RU - Моды для FS 19, SpinTires, BeamNG, ETS2ETS 2 Легковые автомобили - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Моды - MODSGAMING.RU - Моды для FS 19, SpinTires, BeamNG, ETS2ETS 2 Легковые автомобили - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Моды - MODSGAMING.RU - Моды для FS 19, SpinTires, BeamNG, ETS2

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-dealer volvo GERMANY(nurnberg)
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– Standalone (DAF dealer)
– Interior
– AO
– Lightmask
– Wheels
– Tuning
– Redone metallic
– Changed mats
– Fixed interior glass
– Adaptation for 1.27
– Fixed log

MudiloMax96,Puskin, Fenix



Changes v27.07.19
Fixed found bugs
Fixed invisible wall

Totaling 524 functional cities and 76 figurative cities, TOTAL 600 CITIES

– Refurbished Capital:

-Remodeling of the cities of:
Coronel Fabriciano
Valadares Governor
Teófilo Otoni
Rio Casca
Three Marys

– New Roads:
MG-050 from Betim to Ribeirão Preto
Divinópolis to Oliveira
Santa Cruz de la Sierra to La Paz (Via Oruro)
Death Road (Between La Paz and Coroico)
Ipatinga to BR-116
Mariana to BR-262 (Via Ponte Nova)
Juiz de Fora to Ponte Nova (Via Pomba River, Ubá and Viçosa)
BR-262 to Raul Soares
Ribeirão Preto to France

-New Figurative Cities:
Montero (Bolivia)

Miscellaneous Changes:
– About 2000 km of new roads (Total already exceeds 80,000 km)
– Creation of the Road Contour of Coronel Fabriciano and Ipatinga
– Duplication of the stretch of the BR-381 in the passage through Nova Era
– Improvements in BR-381 from João Monlevade to Governador Valadares
– Improvements in the Anhanguera Highway between Campinas and Divisa SP / MG
– New access to Ribeirão Preto
– Changed the entrancamento of Rodovia dos Bandeirantes with Anhanguera
– Fixed the advance of time (very fast) within Belo Horizonte
– Correction of error in the garages of Santa Maria de Jetibá, ibia, Salete and Itajubá.
– Smoothing curves in the BR-101 South of Bahia (without losing the sinuous characteristic of the region)
– Addition of GRAAL 125 on Bandeirantes Highway
– Clover of Sete Lagoas redone to finish with the track bottlenecks
– Dozens of cities with a name changed from a high-pitched box to a low-pitched pit
– Dozens of straight on various roads removed the “bellies” in the curves
– Improvements in the Ring Road of Belo Horizonte
– Creation of the Expressway of Belo Horizonte (Ficticía)
– Dozens of other small improvements that were not computed

Новая Лада:  Установка автосигнализации на Лада Гранта - Точки подключения, расположение и цвета проводов

EAA Team

DOWNLOAD 102 MB [Base]


Update 7.5 of 18.10.18


– Adaptation to patch 1.32
– New settlements: GUAM, Nizhny Novgorod, Absheron
-Updated towns: Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Armavir, Sankt-Peterburg, Krasnodar
– Improved optimization
– Improved textures of road signs and pavement
– Added Russian traffic from game developers and our team
– Lada Grant DPS added to traffic
-Police car-added correct license plates
– Other changes

For game version: 1.32.x
Required DLC: “Going East”,”Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, ” Italia”

Support for the full range of accessories of the SISL ‘ Mega Pack for KAMAZ

Set of thematic paints KAMAZ’a from Konstantin Udovichenko

Fix for the performance of new garages


DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 3
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 4
DOWNLOAD 600 MB Part 5
DOWNLOAD 227 MB Part 6


It is a Renault Master L2H2. Has two interiors and two versions of chassis (L2H2 and cargo). You can buy it in the Renault truck dealer (EU). It has its own sounds and physics. You can choose one of two chassis: one for normal driving and second to drive with heavier trailers (to car transporter trailer select the first chassis). The mod has the 360 degrees interior camera. Physics is in a separate mod and you should turn it on only for riding in the master, because it changes the physics of driving a truck. In version V2 I added car transporter trailer. It has two versions of it: with and without a car. It replaces all trailers, so you can enabled one of versions.

You have to download this fix for 1.25 game version.

Soundfix (must be loaded after the renault master)

Interior photos:


Authors (GTS):

Author of cargo version (GTS): ??? (unknown, I tried to find the author but I did not find.)

Edit, changes and convert: kuba10105

Sounds: kuba10105

Help: ekualizer


Real interior:
Base model – BlackHawk67

Modifications: Stardust8, Scorp, mwl4, wojtekroj, elektryk572, others

Convert and modifications (ETS2): kuba10105
I have a consent to release this convert from wojtekroj and elektryk572.

Changelog V3:
-added automatic led daylights,
-added two passengers version,
-added passengers for passengers versions,
-added tinted back windows,
-added cargo version of Renault Master,
-added cargo version of Renault Master to the car transtorter trailer,
-added some accessories from DLC accessories,
-added metalic paintjob,
-now you can skin Master (templates is in rar archive),
-fixed rear lamps in L2H2 version,
-fixed front accessory lamps.

Новая Лада:  Двигатель Лада Приора | Тюнинг двигателя приоры ремонт


Changelog V2:
-added new interior,
-in first interior,
-added some interior addons,
-adapted to the DLC Accesories,
-added number plate illumination,
-changed car mat,
-added car transporter trailer,
-changed transmission ratio,
-added unlimited seat regulation,
-increased fuel tank capacity
and something more.

I forbid to share parts of mod. I allow to share this mod to other forums, provided the original description, link to the download and show all authors. You can’t edit this mod and share it. Please report to me to share modification on other forums. Follow the rules. Only that, next version of this mod will be released.

New soundfix for 1.27 game version (must be loaded after the renault master)

Authors: kuba10105, mwl4, wojtekroj, elektryk572, Stardust8, Scorp, BlackHawk67

DOWNLOAD 10 KB Fix Sound


New in this version: (Changes Hundreds made in other versions continue)

– Creation of Linking Road and saw Rio to Teresopolis.
– Creation of the Serra de Petrópolis.
– Reshaping the entire BR-381 between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte (now fully duplicated).
– Reshaping all the Via Dutra (Rio – São Paulo), now fully duplicated and with direct access (not out of a road to get into another).
– Remodeling of the Rio-Bahia (Do Rio BR-116 until Feira de Santana), now fully in single lane.
– Created the trunking of Queenship of BR-262 with the Rio-Bahia, it was much like the real trunking.
– Remodeling of the entire BR-040 between Rio and Belo Horizonte (now dual carriageway without center partition and no shoulder in Outside judge stretch of BH, as in
real life).
– Added some earth roads in the Amazon region.
– Added 80 more cities to the map, that’s right 80 cities (all representing, in the future the idea is to transform them into functional).
– Added the only two Brazilian Capital missing (Boa Vista and Macapá).
– Built road between Manaus and Boa Vista (through Caracaraí).
– Built road (Bridge and Dam on the Amazon River), linking Bethlehem to Macapa.
– Added fixed models of buses on the main road and some fuel stations (by Erisson and Countach).
– Refurbished accesses the cities of Belo Horizonte, Tres Hearts and São Paulo, to increase the distance and makes it more into reality.
– Created the Sierra de Igarapé.
– Built Serra da Cantareira.
– Built BR-153 (Belém-Brasilia highway), linking Brasilia to Palmas, with many ups and downs as in real life.
– Added several informational signs on the roads.
– Traffic of Brazilian vehicles (by jazzycat), 3 models of bus, Kombi, Goal, Uno, Palio, Fox, Charger, Opal, Beetle and many others
– Created the ring road of Belo Horizonte.
– Changed the cycle day / night to the reality of Brazil, now gets dark at 18:00 and begins to dawn 05:00, no nights
sunny as in the original map.
– Added the currency of Brazil “REAL” with conversion values ​​updated to the current exchange rate.
– Added Bus Stop in Royalty-MG and two in BR-381 between BH and São Paulo
– Edited stretch between Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares, aiming to make the real distance (remains to be done between the curves

Новая Лада:  S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat "xRay Engine SDK 0.7c"

Fabiano Teixeira

DOWNLOAD 328 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 328 MB [sharemods]

Lada priora (2170) v0.9 для spin tires

LADA Priora (2170) v0.9 для Spintires 2020.

– тестировался в версии игры от 03.03.16
– ничего не заменяет
– модель имеет собственные звуки работы двигателя
– модель имеет анимацию подвески
– модель пачкается
– модель имеет свои колёса
– модель содержит собственную комплектацию
– рабочие фары
– присутствует водитель
– присутствует полный привод
– модель вдалеке выглядет также как и вблизи

Скачать мод LADA Priora (2170) v0.9 для Spintires 2020 вы можете по ссылкам, расположенным ниже на странице.

 Просмотров: 22.2k

Показатель выявления вирусов:





 Скачиваний: 7.2k

Lada priora [бпан] – ваз – tdu – каталог файлов – hf garage – творческое моддинг объединение

Model: GTA SA

Converting and modifying in TDU 1: _VOLGOGRAD_

Диски: Rulezzz

Тестировали: _VOLGOGRAD_

Заменяет: Любое авто

Камера: MB CLK 55 AMG


Высота подвески: 100×80(перед и зад)

Привод: Передний

Тип КПП: Manual


– Высокополигональный интерьер (включая дверные панели)
– Рабочие динамические тени
– Cock LR
– Body LR
– Работающая тень
– Высокополигональная модель
– Рабочие зеркала
– Правильно работающая оптика
– Свои диски
– Текстуры большого разрешения (Рекомендуется видеопамять от 512Mb)

Для работы мода необходим Project Paradise v0.03A. Без него модификация и игра РАБОТАТЬ НЕ БУДЕТ!!! При запуске лаунчера ставим галочку около Big BNK .

Данная модификация является эксклюзивной для сайта
Размещение на других ресурсах строго запрещено!!! Если вы хотели бы видеть этот мод у себя на сайте, пожалуйста, обратитесь к автору модели _VOLGOGRAD_

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